TIP Meteorological Measuring is the meteorological division of TIP Group.
We deliver innovative meteorological products and services to improve the quality of daily life through bringing the innovations to address the needs on meteorological and environmental measuring and monitoring.

Our extensive knowledge of meteorological applications coupled with our vast experience in radar, measuring and observation technologies has enabled us with the capacity and flexibility to create solutions, meet and respond rapidly to our worldwide customers’ needs. Our global presence and network of local affiliated partners further enable us to better understand the local environments and design solutions best suited to them.We are devoting worldwide marketing and distribution for following featured meteorological products through co-operating with CASIC on the basis of the Global

Exclusive Distribution Agreement between TIP and CASIC:

* GPS Radio Sounding System
* GPS Receiving System
* GPS Radiosondes
* Meteorological Balloons
* Wind Profilers
* Cloud Radar
* Radio Theodolite
* Lightning Protection System
* Other Meteorological Innovations