Designing Innovative LED Lights with Your Growing Needs and Saving You Dollars
TIP LED Growing is to manufacture and distribute the most effective, affordable and serviceable LED grow light systems in the world. We are committed to providing you with the results that you are looking for. We deliver the highest quality and perfect LED grow lights with high yields, low heat and less electricity, and place an emphasis on world class customer care, for your growing needs. We co-operate with AAFC (Greenhouse and Processing Crops Research Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) to continue to develop and test our innovative products by growing a variety of plants. We then build our lights according to our strict research based specifications. Through testing our state-of-the-art LED lights side-by-side, we improve the effectiveness and productivity of our newer models while lowering the cost of production and the price to you, our valued customers. This approach has made TIP LED Lighting the leader in the LED grow light industry, staying on the cutting edge, delivering the best value in solid state grow lights for years to come.

The benefits and features of our different LED Grow Lights include:

* Maximum yield from minimal space
* 50%-70% savings in energy costs
* No high wattage cooling systems needed
* No ballasts or reflectors
* Warm to the touch -- won't burn plants
* No HID toxins -- The green grower's choice
* LED grow lights last six times as long as HID lights
* EU, UK and North American power configuration compatible
* Environmentally Friendly
* Safe and Easy to Operate
* Full Spectrum Output Covers Both Vegetative, Flower and Full Spectrum
* 50,000 hour lifecycle (12 Years of Growing)
* A three year warranty